Geduld Interventions GGZ offers specialist mental health care. It is a legal requirement in the Netherlands that all of its citizens are insured for this care with a compulsory basic insurance. In order to be able to provide this care, the Ministry of health, Welfare and Sport (VWS) has approved Geduld Interventions GGZ as a treatment provider because we meet the requirements of relevant criteria that are established for care providers (Wet Toelatingen Zorginstellingen or WTZi in the Netherlands).

Even if we do not have an agreement with your own insurer, and we only receive partial reimbursement, you will not need to pay anything extra. The only exception is the legally compulsory own individual risk component which is € 385 this year; 2017. This applies if it has not yet been claimed and is thus an individual private contribution.
NB: All specialised mental health care in 2017 incurs a compulsory personal risk cost as part of basic health insurance; this is € 385.00. These costs are charged by the insurer on completion of treatment.

A restitution policy (almost) always involves a 100% reimbursement for treatment. A natura policy is not the same. If you have a natura policy, Geduld Intervention GGZ absorbs the cost of treatment that is not covered by the insurer, except for the legally determined compulsory own risk sum of € 385.00 when this is still unclaimed. To ensure free insurance choices, we advise that you convert your natura policy to a restitution policy. This can be done annually up to the 31st of December.

For treatment provided in England, we charge the following sub fees to account for items such as an airline ticket € 350.00, Customs assistance at Schiphol € 250.00, medical deposit of €150.00, and spending money of € 30.00 per week. At the end of clinical admission to our English clinic, an assessment will be done to determine if you are entitled to a partial refund, in the event of no external medical expenses having been needed for example.

  • Approximate estimate medical deposit – € 250: This will only be used to pay for unexpected external medical costs, for instance the local dentist and/or necessary local hospital costs. Any bills for these services need to be kept carefully in your records so you can claim them from your healthcare insurer back in the Netherlands. Depending on your insurer and additional insurance, you may get partial reimbursement for these.
  • Approximate estimate Customs assistance – € 150: We think that it is extremely important that you can get on the plane safely and without worrying. This is why we employ a professional organisation that specialises in helping people like yourself by personally assisting and supporting you through Customs, and onto the plane itself.
  • Approximate estimate Travel costs – € 350: For airline ticket bookings to England, we use KLM and/or Easy Jet services. Depending on the time of year and time of booking, prices can range between € 200 and € 500 – per flight.
  • Pocket money – € 30 per week: Given that during clinical admission to our English clinic refreshments are available for sale, it is nice if you can access these.

Thus, you only need to make your own individual-risk insurance payment to us as described above!

For no-show appointments or cancellations of (intake) discussions that are communicated too late, we charge 150 euros. Cancellation of an appointment free of charge can be done up to two working days in advance, by phone or by email.

Geduld Interventions GGZ is registered with the “Algemene Gegevens Beheer Zorgverleners (AGB)” Healthcare Provider Regulator. Our AGB-code is 22-220934. This registration means that we are recognised by all Healthcare Provider Insurers in the Netherlands as a formally Registered Mental Health Care Provider.

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