Our Mission
Partly because founder Jim Geduld is an experienced expert himself, we know that a regular “going through the motions” approach does not work effectively or permanently. We believe in a personal and effective approach from start to finish, in which people who are directly involved, the family, also receive the correct guidance which is often desperately needed to break out of all of those old ingrained patterns and to give sustained recovery a serious chance.

Our Vision
We believe that addiction is a disease; a chronic, progressive but curable disorder of the brain, that can be treated effectively. Drug addiction occurs in all segments of the population. Based on my own experience and on more than 40 years of experience of our English colleagues at our clinic Broadway Lodge we know that long term recovery is certainly achievable.

People come to us for treatment because they are sick and not because they are weak or bad people or as some people think “have no will power”.
Addiction is also seen as a brain disorder associated with physical, mental, and multi-psycho – dimensional disturbances.

Addiction is actually a psychosocial disorder. This means that addiction does not only impact on the patient’s life, but also on their immediate environment, for example on family members. At Geduld Interventions GGZ, in addition to patient programmes, we also run a parallel care programme in the system, offering the possibility to take part in the therapy. This is done independently from the patient as well as in a combined format: Family therapy.

“Not just the bad apple is removed from the basket to ‘clean it out’, but the rest of the apples, ‘the family’ has also become affected…. They did not ask to become ‘contaminated’ by the disease of the apple, so they also deserve professional help and guidance to become clean again!”

This makes Geduld Interventions GGZ the specialist in addiction treatment. We focus on preventing and treating various addictions together with their associated underlying psychological problems. Our multidisciplinary approach results in a loving and sustained improvement in quality of life for the total system!

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