Anyone who has experienced the factors below three or more times in the last 12 months is regarded as having an addiction.

  • Do you need increasing amounts of alcohol/drugs to get the same effect?
  • Are you using the substance more often or for longer than you had intended?
  • Do you suffer from withdrawal symptoms when you reduce or stop (nervousness, irritability)?
  • Do you spend a lot of time and energy to get hold of a certain substance?
  • Are you continuing to use a substance despite negative consequences?

Do you have an addiction and want to do something about it? Geduld Interventions helps people with an addiction to rebuild their lives. This will not happen without some challenges. Acknowledging your addiction is an important step in the right direction. Next, we commence a treatment programme together with you and your family in which you receive intensive support to break your addiction. You will follow internal therapy of approximately 7 weeks at our clinic, Broadway Lodge in England. This therapy consists of multiple group sessions per day and almost daily individual therapy. Aftercare will last for at least 16 weeks. Then you will work on your recovery while living back at home or staying in what is known as a “safe house”. Aftercare consists of individual discussions and weekly group sessions. Topics covered during the group sessions in your aftercare programme discussions include: social contacts, work and/or study, finances, emotions and relationships.

We place great emphasis on including your significant others in your treatment programme. They often have many questions about addiction and how it works.

We have family evenings and individual discussions to help families, partners or friends to improve understanding of addiction and its effects for instance. This therapy is aimed at breaking destructive habits and on creating healthy relationships.

Contact us if you want to overcome your addiction. We have no waiting periods and our treatments are completely covered by healthcare insurance.

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