Geduld Interventions offers immediate help with addictions

How an addiction is treated depends on the severity and duration of the addiction. Geduld Interventions provides assistance to people who cannot manage alone. Every person is different and everyone will need to work on his or her recovery in a different way, but the key message is: Treatment does work. Alcohol, drugs, medicines, gambling, gaming, food, sex? We will help you to beat your addiction!

Strengths of Geduld Interventions GGZ:

  • No waiting periods. Prompt appointments
  • Personal advice from Jim Geduld and his medical team
  • Own clinic in England Broadway Lodge
  • Small scale and individualised
  • Healthcare insurance reimbursement
  • Low drop-out rates
  • Intensive (after) care for person with addiction and their family/significant others

We believe that addiction is a disease; a chronic, progressive but curable disorder of the brain, that can be treated effectively. Drug addiction occurs in all segments of the population. Based on my own experience and on more than 40 years of experience of our English colleagues at our clinic Broadway Lodge we know that long term recovery is certainly achievable.

Addictions can be inherited, but may also occur due to environmental stresses or due to certain events. There are many different types of addictions.
Geduld Interventions offers treatment for addictions. We believe in a personal and effective approach from start to finish, in which people who are directly involved, the family, also receive the correct assistance which is often desperately needed to break out of all of those old ingrained patterns and to give sustained recovery a serious chance.

Our treatments at Broadway Lodge are very intensive and personal and therefore very effective. Relapse rates thus remain low. Healthcare insurance covers our treatments.

Do you have an addiction problem yourself or are you related or close to someone with an addiction? Take the first step today! Contact us for advice or to register. There are no waiting periods for admission to our clinic. Just call: +31 (0)20 4500112 or send us a message.

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