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Geduld Interventions GGZ is a professional addiction rehabilitation clinic. Our mission is to use our treatment methods to teach people with addictions and their immediate families how to break the “chain of addiction” and to make them capable of making constructive, loving and sustainable choices.


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An intake appointment consists of a discussion with our experienced expert Jim Geduld together with a psychologist, followed by a psychological assessment done by a psychologist and a psychiatric and somatic assessment by our psychiatrist. This will be followed by a brief consultation after which we will be able to offer you an appropriate treatment programme.


We start your treatment together

We have no waiting list, which means that treatment can commence relatively quickly. You will undertake our intensive clinical treatment programme in our clinic in England (Broadwaylodge) over an average of 7 weeks; in some situations, it will be necessary to go through a detoxification period first before being treated at the clinic. It has been proven that our intensive and personal approach to treating clients clinically first, outside of their familiar environment, directly followed by an intensive outpatient follow-up period of 16 weeks, reduces the incidence of relapses to a minimum. This ensures that the intended purpose of our treatment and the clients’ wishes are realised: sustained recovery.

Geduld Interventions GGZ offers immediate help to people with addictions

We believe that addiction is a disease, a chronic, progressive but curable disorder of the brain, which can be successfully treated. Drug addiction occurs in all segments of the population. Based on my own experience and on more than 40 years of experience of our English colleagues at our clinic Broadway Lodge we know that long term recovery is definitely achievable.

Addictions can be hereditary, but may also occur due to environmental pressures or due to certain events. There are many different types of addictions.

Geduld Interventions offers help for additions. We believe in a personal and effective approach from start to finish, in which people who are directly involved, the family, also receive the correct guidance which is often desperately needed to break out of all of those old ingrained patterns and to give sustained recovery a serious chance.

Our treatments at Broadway Lodge are very intensive and personal and therefore very effective. Relapse rates remain low. Healthcare insurance covers our treatments.

Do you have an addiction yourself or do you know a family member or someone close to you who has an addiction? Take the first step today! Please contact us for advice or to register with us. There are no waiting periods for access to our clinic.

Attend an intake appointment


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