Help for gambling addiction

A gambling addiction often starts with a few euro in a slot machine or by playing poker with friends. There are approximately 40,000 people who are addicted to gambling in the Netherlands. A compulsive gambler is occupied with gambling all day; these days even on the internet on various gambling websites. You are totally obsessed by winning (more). Ultimately, there is only one loser. …. You can no longer function at work or socially and try all kinds of ways to get gambling money by lying, cheating, manipulation and so on, anything just to get more gambling money. The urge to gamble is so strong that you know no other way out than to keep gambling even when you do not have any money for it at the time. The greatest risk then becomes getting into serious financial problems.

As a gambler, you want to play ever more frequent and longer games, which means that you will need to borrow money with the end result of ending up deeply in debt to fund your gambling. Some hope to win that “one” big win to be able to pay off all of their debts in one go. They play more often and for longer periods, getting them into even more trouble. It is also common to end up on a path of crime to be able to pay off debts.

This is not only a big problem for you as a gambling addict but also for your surroundings. You neglect your family, friends and colleagues at work; things often escalate into arguments and lack of understanding. People around you will ultimately get fed up with your lies and deceit and turn their backs on you, “the gambler”. Just like any other addiction, a gambling addiction is a disease that affects and involves your loved ones and colleagues. Maybe you have already received local help several times to try and break your gambling addiction without getting the desired result. Because the nature and severity of addiction naturally differs per person, we are happy to give you individualised advice to support you.

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